Confessions of a product junkie.

Open my makeup drawer at your own risk.

I have a confession to make. I’m sort of addicted to trying skincare products. I’ve been looking for something that works perfectly with my skin for probably 30 years now. One thing will work for a few months, and suddenly my skin will revolt and I’ll be back to square one trying something else. I can’t lie, I definitely like trying new products, and definitely get excited every time I get a new Birchbox or free samples of any kind in the mail.

I’m a product junkie. I admit it.

So, in order to give adequate reviews and recommendations, let’s start with a baseline of what I currently have.

Here’s my makeup drawer. It’s a mess, yeah. You’ll see I have a random assortment of makeup and accoutrements in here. A few old standby’s like the Hourglass primer, Cover FX setting powder and Clinique foundation. The product samples that make it into this drawer are still in trial mode. They’ve maybe not broken me out, but not made a huge different in my skin’s texture or appearance after one trial. Or, they’ve broken me out on a day when I’ve been overly stressed, wherein I assume that my state of mind had something to do with the breakout. Or, I’ve not tried them at all yet. Those are basically the three categories of trial sized products here.

The 2nd shelf of the medicine cabinet.

Then there’s the second shelf of my medicine cabinet, which holds a bunch of stuff I’ve not tried at all yet, plus a couple standby’s. In this example, the only standby’s are the Mario Badescu products. That La Mer I’m honestly afraid to use, because I fear even the best of the best will break me out, and that’ll just be tragic. The Mamonde Rose Water Toner I have tried once, and I noticed my skin didn’t look any better, had even a few more breakouts but I couldn’t determine if it was that product or something else I used that night. So, the jury’s still out on most of this stuff.

Honor roll product shelf.

Then there’s the first shelf in my medicine cabinet, where the best of the best are rotated out nightly in an experiment to see which combination of products might be working best. The jury’s still out, since I just relocated to Charlotte, NC and my skin is still stressed and in not-quite-normal mode, as the climate is different, the water pressure is different (seriously that matters) and literally everything is breaking me out. I used these same products back in Chicago up until a month ago, and I had pretty much clear skin. Something’s happened since moving South, and I’m still in triage mode with this same product rotation while I try to figure out what’s going on.

So, that’s my baseline. If your interest is peaked, come back again and I’ll be posting product reviews, results (good or bad) and recommendations – at some point!

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